I travelled with Adventure Canada to Northern Labrador. It’s wild, remote, desolate and, hands down, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.    As an extra bonus adventure, I met  Margaret Atwood onboard. She  graciously drew some cartoons for this instalment. Who knew?
  Apollo XI has fascinated me since childhood. I did this piece to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo landing.
  I spent a couple of weeks hanging around  Beijing prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics. I found the level of reverence for Mao at the Mao Memorial fascinating and strangely compelling.    I also got shown around the city by a young film student who knew where all the best dumpling restaurants were.
  I was invited by Celestial Cruises to circumnavigate Cuba. Very beautiful. Wonderful people. Rich history. And great music everywhere.
  My most recent Adventure Canada adventure was a circumnavigation of Iceland. There’s so much to see there…active volcanoes, glaciers and sheep. Lots and lots of sheep.
  I read 5 of Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knaussgard’s epic fictional memoir “My Struggle”.    It’s filled with angst, dread, dysphoria and…humour.    I didn’t make it through the 6th volume though. Too much of a struggle.
  Spent time on assignment in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.    I ran around doing a million things every day. It was exhausting, but I loved it and couldn’t really get enough of it.    As Samuel Johnson said…“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”
  I owe it all to Mad magazine.    I did this piece for National Post to mark its sad demise.
  When Robert Mankoff, former cartoon master of the New Yorker, came to town, I was lucky enough to score an interview with him. He was very comical.
  Adventure Canada invited me to join a trip to Greenland and the Arctic via The Northwest Passage.    Mere words cannot describe the intense and dramatic beauty of what I saw.    So I drew pictures too.
  Prior to the 2016 election, my wife and I went on a little road trip from Cleveland to Philadelphia via Pittsburgh and Washington. I documented it all for National Post.     The goal was to gain some insight into the general mood of the electorate.    We did most of our research in bars.    It was hard work but someone had to do it.
  Philip Roth was, and remains, one of my great literary heroes.    The fact that he was such a friendly kibitzer made him even more heroic in my eyes.
  I wrote and drew this piece about a personal trip I took to Israel a couple of years ago. Published in National Post.
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