When I wrote and drew  The Great Poochini ,   a story about an opera singing dog, I’d never owned a dog and I was only beginning to appreciate opera. Since then I’ve grown to love the opera and have owned two dogs…neither of which could sing.    The book was published by Groundwood Books and won the Governor General’s Award for illustration in 1999.
   The Hockey Song  is inspired by Canada’s second, unofficial national anthem written by Stompin’ Tom Connors. It’s impossible to go to a hockey game anywhere in Canada without thinking about it, or hearing it for the matter.    My intention in illustrating this book was to basically ignore the references to professional hockey and instead focus on the game as a true, all-inclusive and very Canadian community activity.    Published by Greystone Books.
   Oy Feh So?  was written by my good friend Cary Fagan. It’s about 3 kids who are driven nuts on a weekly basis by visiting relatives who continually say… Oy, Feh  and  So?       It’s based on Cary’s own childhood memories and very closely approximates memories of my own family.     Oy Feh So?   was nominated for a Governor General’s Award for Illustration in 2013.    Published by Groundwood Books.
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  I’m an avid, life-long swimmer so turning this well-known children’s song into a picture book was a natural fit for me.    I dedicated it to my wife and family, as I always do. I also dedicated it to my favourite lifeguard, Alex, whom I regard as my swimming guru.    The New York Times gave it a nice review…    https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/31/books/review/gary-clements-swimming-swimming-and-more.html
  Back somewhere around 2001  Patsy Aldana, publisher of Groundwood Books at the time, convinced me to illustrate the greatest story ever told i.e. The Bible.    Her idea was to create a book that would tell these stories from a humanist perspective so that secular families would have a meaningful book that explained the sources of Judaeo-Christian culture.    I drew a lot on my own childhood memories of these stories and although I was initially reluctant to undertake such a huge project ( it took me almost 2 years to do about 40 full page and double spread illustrations!) it turned out to be a rewarding experience.
   One Eye! Two Eyes! Three Eyes!   is a retelling of a Cinderella-like Brothers Grimm Tale which includes evil stepsisters, a fairy godmother and, naturally, a white knight.    Published by Atheneum, Simon & Schuster.
   Just Stay Put   was my first picture book.    It’s a retelling of one of the funniest and best known ‘Wise Men’ of Chelm stories.    It received a Governor General’s Award nomination for illustration.    Published by Groundwood Books.
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   Coyote Solstice  is a pro Christmas, anti-consumption cautionary tale written  by Thomas King.    It won the American Indian Youth Literary Award.    Published by Groundwood Books.
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